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We have the specialised knowledge and a diverse range of products necessary to ensure accurate placement of essential product information, specifications, batch numbers, and logos on all types of building products. Whether your materials include wood, metal, concrete, or composite materials, we offer tailored solutions to meet your needs. Our expertise allows us to provide precise labelling and marking solutions that adheres to industry standards, ensuring your building products are properly identified and compliant with regulatory requirements.

What are your best

We have a range of intelligent coding options that are ideal for building and industrial products. If you need to identify, code or specify on timber, plasterboard, plastics or packaging we have the right solution.

Option 1

Citronix ci 5300

The Citronix Ci 5300 is an intermediate printer in stainless steel cabinet. It is ideal for 1 to 3 line printing applications with macro and normal drop size at speeds of up to 9.8m/s. It is designed for all non-pigment ink types.

Option 2

Citronix Ci 5500

The Citronix Ci 5000 is an advanced high-performance printer with all the capabilities of ci5300 plus advanced connectivity features such as ciLink and the capability to print up to 5 lines of text, graphics and bar codes at high speeds.

Option 3

x1 inkjet printer

A versatile, cost-effective, low maintenance solution that’s perfect for high-speed, high-volume inline printing onto many types of rigid and flexible materials. The ideal printing solution for manufacturers of smaller building products with multi-code requirements.

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