Printing Solutions

Worldwide Coding Solutions offers a range of printing solutions to cater to all your diverse printing needs. We are leaders in marking, coding, labelling and printing technology, providing a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet diverse requirements. We offer a variety of ink cartridges designed to accommodate a range of applications. Whether for industrial or commercial applications, our printing solutions are crafted to enhance efficiency and meet the rigorous demands of modern industrial printing environments.

Thermal Inkjet Printing

The Worldwide Coding Solutions Thermal Inkjet technology is ideal for printing onto a wide variety of substrates even in the most challenging environments. With the widest range of hardware on the market, there is a system configuration to suit every application and budget.

Continuous Inkjet Printing

The Worldwide Coding Solutions Citronix Continuous Inkjet Printing system is a compact coder perfect for printing on to HDPE, glass, metals, and aluminium beverage cans. The purpose-built ink circuit is capable of running a variety of inks suitable for a wide range of non-porous substrates.

Thermal Transfer Printing

Worldwide Coding Solutions partners with EASYPRINT to provide a comprehensive range of Thermal Transfer Over Printers (TTO). Whether the requirement is for a simple message or complete nutritional information there is a TTO system to suit.

Handheld Printing

Printing on the move has never been easier! Our range of lightweight Handheld Printers are very versatile and user friendly. Perfect for both building industrial and short-run applications, they enable you to print on a wide variety of surfaces, regardless of size, shape or location.

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