Worldwide Coding Solutions offers a range of consumables to cater to all your diverse printing needs. We are leaders in marking, coding, labelling and printing technology, providing a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet diverse requirements. We offer a variety of ink cartridges, containers and ribbons designed to accommodate a range of applications. Whether for industrial or commercial applications, our consumables are able to enhance efficiency and meet the rigorous demands of modern industrial printing environments.

WCS Ink Solutions

Worldwide Coding Solutions provides a range of specialised cartridges to suit our Thermal Inkjet Printing range. Our cartridges are ideal for printing onto a wide variety of substrates even in the most challenging environments. They are easy to use, reliable, odour-free, and can be used in a wide range of products in diverse manufacturing settings.

Citronix Ink Solutions

Partnering with Citronix allows Worldwide Coding Solutions to offer a comprehensive range of MEK, Acetone and Ethanol based inks, make up and cleaning solvents, specially developed for use with ciSeries printers. They offer excellent adhesion characteristics on a variety of different substrates with immediate and quick dry inks to suit most applications.

EBS Ink Solutions

Worldwide Coding Solutions partners with EBS to provide a variety of quick-drying and application-specific inks: ethanol-, acetone- or MEK-based in different colors, UV legible, food-grade, and more for their EBS 250/260 Handheld Printers.

Ribbon Solutions

Worldwide Coding Solutions offers a range of ribbon solutions to suit all your Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) needs. You can print everything from simple date codes and batch codes to logos, product descriptions, ingredients lists, nutritional panels and fully compliant barcodes. 

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