EBS 250 Handheld Printer

The EBS 250 handheld printer is technically innovative Drop on Demand printer that is versatile in both print size and operation. Simple accessories make the printer suitable for challenging applications, such as curved surfaces. Ink is available to code on almost all non-porous substrates.

It does exactly what you want to print – no mess, drips, or extras. The print height from 7mm to 27mm. The EBS 250 is simple to operate: Messages are imported wirelessly and printed at the push of a button. Wheel guides adapt to the operator’s hand speed, resulting in lightning fast, clear, easy-on-the-eye print. For easy maintenance, a cleaner cartridge can be installed within a few seconds, and the rest of the ink removed from the system with the rinsing function.

Prints on Almost Anything

Prints on most non-pourus substrates

Reliable High-Tech Printing

Sophisticated, inteligent print technology

Intuitive Software

Windows™ based user-friendly software

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