Rotech RF Lite Feeder

The RF Lite is a simple, low-cost offline sleeve coding system, ideal for companies looking to automate their date marking process for the first time. It also suits larger operators looking to install dedicated marking systems on multiple production lines.

Reliable, Versatile and Easy to Use

When fitted with our reliable, easy-to-use Thermal Inkjet Technology, the RF Lite is ideal for printing clear, concise date or batch codes onto sleeves and cartons. With its low upfront cost, the RF Lite serves as an ideal entry-level solution for companies seeking to automate their date coding.

The benefits of the RF Lite include having a small footprint, possible to fit onto a desk or bench, but can be supplied on a wheeled stand. It is an entry-level system with a low investment cost and very short pay-back time, and, just one machine can suit varying packaging types and sizes with adjustable in-feed hoppers. 

Easily Intergrated With a Printer

Easily integrated with an X1Jet / Integra One Thermal Inkjet Printer for variable coding.

Ideal Entry Level Feeder

Perfectly suited to entry level, low duty usage.

Adjustable Speeds

 Has two throughput speed settings

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