X1 Jet Printer

The X1Jet Thermal Printer is a compact and intelligent coder, perfect for printing onto both inner and outer cardboard boxes. Supplied complete with a simple mounting bracket and optional HMI, it easily integrates onto all box taping and gluing systems. A range of inks is available to accommodate both porous or non-porous (varnished) substrates.

Available as In-line or Hand Held Solution

The in-line version would typically be mounted onto a case sealing machine. The in-built photocell would detect the product moving past, triggering the application of a message into the required print area.

For the off-line handheld system, the operator would need to move the printer over a static box. A simple press of the print trigger activates the print signal, while the integrated encoder ensures that the print speed is adjusted to apply a uniform message into the required print area.

Battery operated, the lightweight and compact X1 Jet Handheld Thermal Inkjet Printer, will print high resolution text and images in multiple locations without being in a fixed position to the production line. The long-life battery has sufficient power for printing over and extended period of time. Setting up the device and upload of print images is a simple task via the use of a USB stick.

Maintenance Free Technology

No moving parts

Low running costs

X1Jet requires no fluids other than ink

Excellent Print Quality

Graphics and fonts in up to 600dpi

To discover our range of Thermal Inkjet Printers in action, visit our YouTube Channel.

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